Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lil Miss Jokester

So you may not find this joke as funny as I do. Maybe it was just because Kami came up with it all by herself that made it so funny to me. But here you go.
She asked "What do you do when you have 14 kids...."
She replied "You sell them to other people"
ha ha ha.
It still makes me laugh!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Oh you have no idea how happy I am that I am finally caught up on my blogging. I recently just posted seven new posts. So enjoy all my catching up! Hopefully that won't happen again.

Morton Arboretum

We are in Chicago now doing the summer thing. So far its been great. The apartments are decent..some of the better ones we've been in. It's been nice coming back to a familiar area instead of something completely new. I haven't had to find all the necessities...Target, the mall, Walmart. And what makes it even better is we are out here with some really good friends. For me that is a summer make or break. Its nice to always have someone that wants to go to the park, mall, take a walk, just to pass the time. And comforting having someone that can relate with me about this job. They are my extended family because we get so close. Anyways. The other day we took all the kids to the Morton Arboretum. It has lots of fun outdoor activities for the kids. Playgrounds, a little stream to play in, ponds, walking trails, a maze. Just a really fun place. We spent the majority of our time at the stream. The kids loved playing in the water and moving the rocks. The pond had hundreds of little tadpoles and Kami wanted to try to catch some. She got right in there and she actually caught one. I love the picture I got of her with it because it shows just how excited she was that she did it. It was a good day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mothers Day Program

Genna and Mrs. Wright

Genna and her class. Notice anything....she was the only girl in her class.

She's so sweet.

Kameryn and Mrs. Hathorne

They learned sign language with their songs

Kami and her class

I went to their Mothers Day program which was also for my girls the last day of school. It was so fun to watch them sing the songs they learned and they did sign language as well. The only hard part was they are in different classes and doing the program at the same time so I had to keep running back and forth. But they did so good and it was so cute! They all gave the moms a plant which my mom adopted and hopefully the girls don't remember them when we get home in Sept. my mom doesn't think they'll survive. My girls and I have really enjoyed this preschool. It has been such a great experience and I can't wait for them to go back in the Fall. They loved the teachers and the activities and both of them have learned so much. Thanks Learning Dynamics!

A first for the girls

I had a dentist appointment scheduled before we left for the summer and my mom is the office manager so she scheduled the girls to see if they would let him do anything on them. On the way over I told the girls that the dentist wanted to look at their teeth and count them, thats all they tried to do the last time. Kami wouldn't even let them near her. Kami said that she would try to let them count her teeth this time but if she didn't like it she would tell them to stop. I went first and when it was the girls turn Kami was really brave and let Genna go first. hahaha. Debbie let Kami help her put the bib on genna and let her help get things ready. It was really cute. Then she helped Genna climb onto chair. It was really cute Genna was trying to climb up and Kami helped her by pushing her butt til she basically fell into the chair. Debbie laughed and told my mom that she was going to start helping all the patients that way. Dr Drake came in and gave her a mirror so she could watch and he counted her teeth. He then told her he was going to tickle her teeth with the toothbrush. I was so surprised that she let him clean her teeth. She laid there and let him do whatever he needed to do. I was so happy. Then it was Kamis turn, I thought for sure she'd freak and wouldn't let him do anything, but sure enough he counted her teeth and then she let him clean them. She was a bit apprehensive but she let him finish. I was proud of them. I know its a little weird to be so proud of a teeth cleaning, but some little things are big things to a mom and I was really proud of how brave they were.

Our new tree

We had planted a tree here before but Andrew and I are horrible at yard work and with us being gone during the summers our yard always suffers and the poor tree died. But this year before Andrew left we did a ton of yard work. We pulled out our rose bushes, I loved the roses but they were taking over our front porch and we added more cement. We pulled out all the bushes front and back and took out our curbing and replaced it all with grass. And even though grass should be fool proof we still kill it but at least now we won't have dead grass, dead bushes and weeds. It should look somewhat better this year. The girls loved going and picking out a tree and helping dad planting a new one. They were very proud of their hard work.

Disney and Seaworld

Our first afternoon at Disney! We had a blast, the girls were so excited to see everything.

California Adventure in the bug area! Kami was so brave with rides and even rode Splash Mountain...I thought for sure she would cry but Andrew said she LOVED it!

Sorry I don't know how to rotate my pics. Jami at the Shamu show hoping not to get wet...we were in the splash zone but got lucky... not one drop.

The kids enjoying the freezing cold water. We tried to keep them dry but that's a pretty impossible task with little ones and water.

Sorry, enjoy this cute pic sideways. Andrew and sis enjoying the turtles at Seaworld.

We got to stand in line for two hours for this cute picture. It made the girls happy so it was worth it to me. They only have 3 princesses at a time and Kami kept telling me Snow White was the one she really wanted to see. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when she was one of the 3 when we finally made it to them.

So cute!

This was a highlight for the girls they were so excited to get their faces painted. I thought they looked really cute!

We had a really good time going to Cali with Andrews family. We spent a night in Vegas on the way down at our new favorite place to stay Tahiti Village. They have really nice rooms and fun swimming pools. We've yet to get down there when it was warm to swim but the kids braved it on the way back home. I wouldn't even get in my suit..too cold for me. We spent four nights by Disneyland and had 3 day hopper passes. I loved it! It was so nice to be able to go to the parks and not worry about having to see everything in one shot. I think its how we'll do it from now on. The girls loved the teapots and wanted to ride it over and over...thanks Grandma J and Danica for riding with them. We didn't do too many of the rides, with me being pregnant and Andrew didn't really care so we just let the kids decide what we did. We played in the playgrounds for most of the last day at Toon Town. The second day we went over to California Adventure. I've never been there and I would have loved to ride some of those rides. Next time. The kids loved all the rides in the bug area. We debated on getting Kami on Tower of Terror because she did so good on Splash Mountain but I didn't want to freak her out so we opted out. Almost everyone that went got super sick one day and so Andrew and I decided to just spend the day by the pool. It was probably one of our favorite days the whole week. It was so relaxing and the girls loved it. We literally were at the pool all day. Andrew and I decided to go out to dinner that night to Outback, we got our food and Kami said she was tired so she laid down on my lap and within minutes she was asleep, Genna wanted to do the same and she fell asleep as well. Andrew and I took advantage and took our time eating and enjoying our meals. They both slept thru dinner, the ride home, us carrying them to the room and the whole night. I couldn't believe it! After Disney we drove to San Diego for Seaworld. That was my favorite day. I love Seaworld. Mainly the Shamu show. We had perfect seats and the girls were in awe. Kami after the show said she wanted to be a whale trainer when she grows cute is that. They loved seeing all the animals. They even threw fish to the sea lions, they didn't like the smell after but they had fun. It was another great day. We were going to spend two nights in San Diego but the hotel wasn't fabulous and we all decided we wanted to go back to Vegas and enjoy the pools at Tahiti Village. So when we were done with Sea World we loaded up and took off. Driving home always seems so long but all in all it was a great vacation. I had a really good time. It was nice to have one last get away before Andrew left for the summer. He left a day after we got home. So it was nice to be able to have some time with him. Thanks Jami for always getting the ball rolling on family vacations.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We had a fun vacation planned to Disneyland/Seaworld with Andrews family the first of April but first the girls and I had some important business to take care of. We went with all the girls in Andrews family to get pedicures for our trip. We had to have pretty toes! Its a must. It was Kameryn and Genesees first time getting them done and it was so fun! They felt like princesses. Kami laughed the whole time because it tickled so much. The employess thought it was really funny to be doing such little toes. They picked out their own colors and were so excited when they put flowers on their toes. It was really fun for me to watch....the bill not so fun. Who would think they'd charge you full price for such little feet, but they do! Yikes.


Ok so I know this is super old news but I wanted to post it because if I ever make one of those books that everyone talks about I want it included. So bear with me. Andrew had an incentive that if he sold a certain amount of systems in the month of February he and I would get to go to Hawaii...airfare and hotel paid for. Who wouldn't try for that right?? Well being the amazing person Andrew is he sold that amount and we got to go. We decided to take the kids...and that was an awesome decision. We had so much fun! They loved playing at the beach, it was so nice to just chill with them and play with them in the sand. One day we drove to the North Shore and watched the waves..we missed the really big waves but what we saw we were happy with. It was perfect timing for us because it was right before the summer/crazy time of year and before the baby arrives. It was so much fun to take the kids and have a nice relaxing few days just the four of us. The girls are still talking about how much they love Hawaii. Thanks Scott and Thanks Andrew for an amazing vacation!!!!!