Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Pregnant!

Merry Christmas!! We had a fabulous Christmas. The girls are at a fun age everything is so magical and such a surprise. I love the wonder that kids have. Its fun to just watch them be so overwhelmed with everything that they received. They had the elves visit for the 12 days and every morning they could not wait to check their sock to see what they got. Genna would say some of the cutest things..."oh that is just what I wanted." "oh my gosh, I'm going to have to thank Santa and the elves, oh my gosh." She was so cute. They both loved Christmas morning and couldn't get enough of everything they got. I think for me Christmas is much more fun when you have little ones. I think at times I was more excited than they were. I couldn't sleep Christmas eve. I'll post pics and maybe a video later if its not too long. We also went to Temple Square and that was a fun night. We rode Trax into downtown and that was the highlight for the girls. We got to the lights and walked around for about a half hour and got back on the train. I had to laugh because the majority of our night was spent on Trax. It took about 45 min. each way. When we got back to Sandy we ate at Five Guys. I would reccommend that to anyone! Fabulous hamburgers! We had a really good time.
And surprise to all who don't know we are pregnant! I'm so excited! Even though we were trying and Andrew knew it was coming it always takes him a bit longer to not be shocked and be excited. But he is excited too! We are only 7 weeks and my first doctors appt is tomorrow. I haven't been too sick but most days I'm nauseated all day. Sometimes I wish I could just throw up and move on but instead I walk around with an upset stomach all day. But I'm not going to complain, I signed up for this and it could be A LOT worse. I've already had cravings....OJ, hamburgers, sausage, bacon.... I hope all had a fabulous Christmas and you have a great New Year!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rhino Fun

We decided to take the rhino out and have some fun considering it has been so warm lately. We got all ready and drove all the way up American Fork Canyon just to be told the trails were closed for winter. Whoops. We weren't ready to go home and the girls were itching to go for a ride so we drove all the way out to Five Mile Pass. We had so much fun. The girls absolutely love it. They giggle the whole time. Genna kept yelling to Andrew "Daddy we are winning!" Not quite sure why she kept saying that but it was cute. We stopped for a bit and threw rocks and had a potty break. Andrew took a really funny picture of my backside while I was holding Genna as she was going potty with her bare bum hanging out. I almost posted it but I didn't want my 3 year olds bum on the internet. I know... over protective mom. We messed around for awhile and we went down in a ravine when we started to go up we had a hard time going up over a rock. Andrew had to get out while I acted like I knew what I was doing as he pushed and I gunned it. When we would move back I could swear that we were going to roll. I was pretty nervous. Andrew brought his pellet gun and the girls LOVED shooting it. All in all we had a great day.