Monday, January 26, 2009

"Andrews work week"

Andrew went to Vegas last week to get some work in. And as we all know you can't go to Vegas and not play too. They were given the incentive to sell one system on Thursday and they would get to stay in the Penthouse suite at the Wynn Hotel. Of course Andrew rose to the occasion and had one crazy night. While going up to their room they passed none other than Mr. Donald Trump. Andrew of course wouldn't pass the chance to talk to him. He said " Mr. Trump how are you?" He replied with "good thanks" and Andrew said all he could think of after that was " I like your show!" Ha ha ha. Hey at least he got to meet and talk to him. Andrew said he was actually really nice. The suite looked super nice and looks like they had tons of fun.
He told me later that while at dinner he choked on some food which almost needed the help of the Heimlich (i don't know if thats right). While two of the guys were pounding on his back he was able to catch his breath. He said that the whole time he was choking he kept thinking "please god, don't let me die at a buffet" I thought that was pretty funny. Then it was off to endless hours of gambling. Apparently there was a hot table and they decided to bet money on it. I think it was roulette and it kept hitting red. So everyone kept thinking this time its got to hit black.....wrong! I guess it hit red several times in a row and everyone lost large amounts of money. I won't tell you how much Andrew lost but my basement could have some really cute decorations with what he played with ;).
Oh well at least he was there for work....right??? And to top the night off he told me some not so nice looking lesbians propositioned him for sex. Ah. All in all a perfect Las Vegas night. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We took the girls sledding for the first time and they absolutely loved it! It was so much fun

I love this pic of Kami, it was her first time down by herself. So funny