Friday, March 19, 2010

My Little Man

It's been awhile since I've done a post about Zeke and he is doing so much that I figured I better get on it. He's 7 almost 8 months and I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. He is a very happy content baby and is always laughing. He doesn't sleep great but at least he's happy. He is crawling all over the place and sometimes I can't keep up. I forgot how much work it is to have a crawler in the house, especially with my girls small toys laying around. He has two teeth on the bottom and one is breaking through on top. He loves his sisters and is always laughing at Genna. When Andrew is in sight Zeke just lights up. He adores Andrew and all Andrew has to do is look at him and he gets a huge smile. He also says dada and baba. He is now pulling himself up into a standing position, he sits on his own and will hold his bottle. He is bringing so much joy into our house and I'm so in love with my baby boy. Now I just need him to say mom.


Angie said...

He's so adorable! I can't believe he's getting that big already.

17704 said...

At least he is happy when not sleeping. My not sleeper seemed to never be happy. I love the last pic, because he has the cutest smile there. I guess it is time to move the mattress down huh?